Strong Marriages Staff

Dewey Wilson/President & CEO

Until Spring 2003, Dewey worked diligently to become a well respected home builder in the Dallas Metroplex. That year, he and his wife Lynne yielded to God's call on their lives to enter full-time vocational ministry on a mission to help strengthen marriages and families within God's church. Dewey and Lynne quickly developed a "couple with couple" discipleship process that would eventually evolve into what is known today as Strong Marriages.

Today, the Wilson's are still in the home building business. Only now they are not using sticks and bricks. This time, they’re using the Word of God, their life experiences and the life experiences of thousands of other mentors all across the country and Canada.

Dewey has taught the Bible to married adults for almost 30 years. His passion is for men and women to know and experience God in such a way, it changes forever how they live out every relationship in their life. Especially, the relationship of marriage. 

Since 2003, Dewey and Lynne have dedicated their lives to helping couples strengthen or restore their marriage using a unique mentoring process they created. This process consistently produces an overall enrichment or restoration success rate of over 85% of couples who remain in a mentoring relationship for 6 months or longer. They also have a very effective premarital experience called, "I Promise".

Along with the occasional input from his wife Lynne, Dewey has either authored or co-authored all of the Strong Marriages resources. He has been a contributing author for Focus on the Family's President, Jim Daly and his book entitled, The Best Advice I Ever Got On Marriage. Dewey has also written and developed an extensive online personality assessment entitled, "Connect," and his Marriage Minute is also heard each weekday on Dallas' local Christian station, KCBI 90.9 FM. 

Dewey returned to college after 30 years and graduated with a BS in religion in December 2011 and a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family in 2013. Dewey is currently working on a Ph.D. in the Philosophy in General Psychology with an emphasis in Cognition and Instruction. Lord willing, Dewey will graduate in 2017.

Lynne Wilson/Co-Founder

For 35 years, Lynne has faithfully served in her role as wife to her husband Dewey. She and Dewey are blessed with a wonderful family. Tiffani, their oldest daughter is married to Brian, and they are great parents to Kimber Marie. Erin, their youngest daughter, leads worship for Day One - the contemporary service of First Baptist Church in Dallas, TX.

Before Strong Marriages, in addition to home schooling both daughters through graduation, Lynne owned her own oil and gas drafting company. She also managed the administration of Dewey’s former sub-contracting and general contracting businesses. Lynne still uses her administrative skills today by helping to oversee many ministry functions. She also heads up most of the ministry's development, making it her mission to ensure that those who have partnered with Strong Marriages feel valued in every way.

Lynne is an avid student of the Bible. She is respected and loved for her heart for discipleship, along with her giftedness of teaching and speaking to other women about God’s Word.

Tory Henderson

Tory grew up in the small town of Walla Walla, Washington.  After completing her bachelor's degree in psychology at Biola University in Southern California, she relocated to Texas 2015.  She is currently pursuing a master's degree in theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. Tory is passionate about building up the local church, teaching the Bible and serving others.  

Tory joined Strong Marriages in 2015 and oversees our development department, ensuring that our generous supports have an excellent giving experience from start to finish.  She loves using her God-given skills to support and grow the ministry.